Karen Reid Reiki

Energy Healing for Humans
and Their Animals 


This website is dedicated as a Gateway to Healing for you and your beloved animal companions. You deserve the opportunity to be relieved of pain, anxiety and illness and so do your animal partners.

Reiki as a healing modality is gentle yet profound. Its ability to work on all aspects of a living being from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels is unique. Many illnesses and behaviors stem from emotional imbalances, energetic blocks or negative thought patterns. These are able to be cleared and balanced with Reiki healing energy. It allows an individual's innate wisdom to activate and provide insights to resolve issues that are physical and behavioral. 

Reiki gives you and your animal that extra edge to recover from injury, surgery, illness or trauma. Reiki helps resolve those behavior issues originating from fear, anxiety, aggression or depression. It greatly assists animals and humans in a more peaceful end of life transition. It complements and supports medical treatments and enhances any other alternative therapy. 

Body Code is a cutting edge modality that helps us find and release trapped emotions and imbalances that are underlying causes to your issues or illness. Using Dr. Bradley Nelson's Body Code Mind Maps and   muscle testing we can check 6 areas of imbalances: Energies, Circuits, Toxins, Pathogens, Misalignments and Nutrition. It is fast and effective. Science has proven that emotions are energy and can become stuck in the body where they lead to dysfunction. Remove them to feel better now. 

My mission is to provide a sincere, respectful healing experience. I give the utmost care and consideration to your individual situation. It would be my pleasure and honor to assist you in retrieving your best Health and Happiness. Any of these services hold amazing possibilities to create a Path to Health and Happiness.

Take the First Step. You and your animals deserve more!