Karen Reid Reiki

Energy Healing for Humans
and Their Animals 

About Karen Reid

Karen Reid is an empathic, observant, kind and reliable person. Her ability to listen and intuitively connect to people and animals has a profound impact on their healing. A quiet person by nature, she has always spoken up to defend and explain animals’ needs. She has found her true calling in these Healing Arts. Karen and her husband share their home with five rescue cats. With their daughter and son grown and on their own, she has time to devote to helping others.

Seeing improvements in herself and her family after they received Reiki treatments, she trained to become a practitioner. By practicing Reiki, Karen has found a perfect way to help people on a whole new level and help the animals she cares so much about. Reiki has brought consistent improvements and some amazing results to her family, friends, clients and their pets. She has attained Master level of Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki®. Reiki has amplified her ability to communicate with animals and she has further developed her animal communication skills through several courses and workshops. Karen is excited to share this healing energy with you and your animal companions.

Karen learned about the Emotion Code in 2013. Amazed by it's simplicity and profound results, she became a certified practitioner in 2014. She went on to learn the Body Code in 2015 and attended the 3 day Ultimate Health, Wealth and Relationship Retreat in Las Vegas sponsored by Dr. Bradley Nelson, it's creator. Karen has now completed the six month Body Code Certification Program and has been seeing vast improvements in her clients across the country.

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