Karen Reid Reiki

Energy Healing for Humans
and Their Animals 

Animal Communication

Animal Communication is a way to gather information on how an animal is feeling physically or emotionally, how they perceive a situation, what they think their job is, why they are fearful, or even what they like to do or eat.  It is very useful in explaining to them about training, travel, vacation plans, and family changes such as divorce and departures for college.  It can ease your concerns about end of life decisions and allow you to receive messages from animals who have already passed on.

I have been developing this skill  by reading books by Penelope Smith, Carol Gurney, Marta Williams, and others; by attending workshops with Danielle McKinnon; and by taking online courses and coaching calls with Lynn McKenzie, Val Heart, and Ana Maria Vasquez along with lots of practice!

I connect with an animal’s energy and send and receive thoughts, images, physical sensations, words and emotions.

It is very rewarding to help an animal understand why it needs to take medication and to see it willingly cooperate when there was struggle before.

Animals who worry and stress when they are left alone can relax when they know when you will be returning and that there is a plan for their care while you are away.

Communicating the steps to new experiences can make those events go more smoothly with less fear and resistance.

I do Animal Communication via distance, connecting through intention with the use of a photograph or physical description of the animal. Using your questions and concerns, I can gather their thoughts and impressions, explain your viewpoint and try to mediate resolutions.