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Body Code

The Body Code is truly The Ultimate Health, Wealth and Relationship Solution, because it helps people with all kinds of issues! It is the most advanced system for mental, emotional and physical healing. Like the Emotion Code, it was created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, who carefully manages and trains Practitioners. Using kinesiology we are able to locate imbalances that are causing or contributing to symptoms. Then the imbalances can be energetically cleared.

The body and mind can become imbalanced in 6 different key areas, resulting in all manner of problems for you. When you have balance in the 6 areas, the result is that you have good health, abundant wealth and happy relationships. These key areas are Energies(which include Trapped Emotions), Circuits and Systems, Toxins, Pathogens, Misalignments and Nutrition.

Any issue you can possibly have has underlying imbalances. Removing these imbalances makes it possible for the body to return to a state of perfect balance and health. The result is a disappearance of pain, fatigue, disease, depression and all manner of other symptoms! When imbalances are released the body can heal.

Body Code sessions follow the same guidelines as The Emotion Code. They can be done remotely via proxy. While the Emotion Code can uncover roughly 80% of imbalances, the Body Code can uncover the remaining imbalances in more detail.

When you have tried everything else without success- Body Code will usually prevail to get you back to your Greatest Health and Happiness!

This is not a substitute for medical care.