Karen Reid Reiki

Energy Healing for Humans
and Their Animals 

Here are the experiences of some satisfied clients:

"Lots of thunderstorms yesterday evening that Little Man mostly ignored! An absolutely huge difference from his previous behavior. He was very blase about the whole thing. After a couple of hours of thunder and lightning, he went and stood by Katie, but that was his only acknowledgment of the weather. Normally he would be shaking visibly and wanting to hide in the basement. And that would start before we would be able to even sense a thunderstorm coming. It's incredible that releasing a few Trapped Emotions could eliminate an 11 year old dogs lifelong fear!"

Bob R.

Emotion Code for Dog's Fear of Thunderstorms

"Since the beginning of the first session and now after the last session many changes have taken place in all aspects of my life. I found the motivation to start a workout program. I have been running and cycling like old times. I found that I picked up almost where I left off when I had stopped working out. My business has picked up tremendously. I ran a Groupon and it did save me a bundle in advertising. I have also picked up the phone and put myself out there in terms of promoting my business as well. I also have more ideas coming to me and feel more apt to act on them. I would highly recommend Karen for breaking down the Heart Walls which every human being contains. She is kind, supportive and I felt I could trust her upon meeting her the very first time."

Angela Quinlan Hands to Heals Reflexology

Emotion Code Clears Blocks to Success

"It was a very interesting experience. After the first session, I was amazed how tired I felt. Emotional junk is tiring. That is the feeling I had with each session although it was less tiring as we went along. I did notice the biggest breakthrough of feeling more free after releasing grief from my grandmother. I even shed a few tears during that session. I felt happy and lighter driving home from work that night. It seemed a big weight was lifted. The experience of having you work on me was a very positive one. I think you are in tune with the body. I have no doubt that you will be able to help many people with your skill and knowledge. Thank you for everything!"

Jane S.

Emotion Code Brings Happiness

"The Emotion code session was very powerful! Both yesterday and today I woke without any anxiety. I feel more grounded and able to cope with life happenings. I no longer feel distracted or hindered by some sort of deep and elusive sense of turmoil. I'm also able to leave the house without all the unfounded worry I used to process. I feel the Emotion code session really identified the core of a long-standing unrest in me, and allowed me to release what I no longer need to hold. The session with Lizzy seemed to help me recognize, too, that no matter what we choose regarding adopting another greyhound, it will all turn out okay. I don't have to be worried about her. Thank you so much for sharing your interest and healing abilities with Lizzy and me!"

Brenda G.

Emotion Code Releases Inner Turmoil

"It's going well! For a couple days it felt like some junk was leaving and I felt oogy and tired, but definitely starting now to feel the lightness. It's fascinating to me how this stuff can be such a part of you and your physiology and you not even know it. The stuff we found that was inherited intrigues me most. I've done a ton of genealogy work and the aspect that is often absent from research (except maybe with prominent figures) is what ancestors were like (anxious, joyful, depressed.....). Anyway, I think you get what I was saying. It's piqued my interest to see if I can chat with my father to learn a bit more about my grandfather."

Sarah C.

Emotion Code Releases Inherited Issues

"I have suffered for over 30 years with severe anxiety while riding as a passenger in a car. I tried Hypnosis, EFT, counseling......even seeing a Shaman. They really had no effect on my symptoms which continued to persist and get stronger with time. A friend recommended Karen and this new technique called Emotion Code. As I was desperate for relief I contacted her. We worked together through phone conversations and I found her intuitive skills to be strong and trustworthy. I would feel relaxed and lighter after almost every session. It did take several sessions to make headway on my anxiety. With the release of the last trapped emotions from my Heart Wall, I am thrilled to discover I feel like a new woman. Not only can I ride as a passenger in a relaxed and comfortable state but I feel lighter like a big weight has been lifted from me. I cannot thank Karen enough as her work with me has changed the quality of my life tremendously."

Wendy Capland CEO-Vision Quest Consulting

Emotion Code for Severe Anxiety

"Karen provided my anxious lab with distance Reiki sessions. Normally, he jumps at the slightest noise and runs to see if he can detect the "threat", but during both sessions he remained calm and non-reactive to noises, etc. that would normally frighten him. It was definitely nice to see him able to relax and let go of some of his worries! Thank you!"


Reiki for Anxious Dog

"I was bothered by soreness in my left knee. After just one treatment with Reiki the soreness and pain was gone and I was back to my usual activities, including rollerblading! Thank you Karen Reid Reiki."


Reiki for Knee Pain

"I must admit that I was skeptical of Reiki at first. When I fell and tore the ligament connecting my left kneecap, it was very painful to bear weight and the knee had to be immobilized. In person & Distance Reiki lessened my discomfort. I spent two days in the hospital, three weeks in rehab, and a week at my nephew's home before coming home alone. I wore a removable cast, which the doctors said should be worn for 7 to 8 weeks. Karen gave me frequent Reiki throughout this period. To everyone's surprise the ligament healed nicely and the cast came off 4 weeks early. Thank you so much Karen - I am now a true believer!"


Reiki for Faster Healing

"Karen helped my oldest cat (almost 20 years old), ease her fear of transitioning from this life. Her last months were less stressful which also reduced my anxieties and helped calm her feline siblings. Karen has done Reiki directly and from a distance on my three remaining cats and I've noticed its calming effect on them. I have also benefited from Karen's healing touch and recommend her as an gifted Reiki master who can help animals and their human companions."


Reiki as Hospice Care

"I am eternally grateful that Karen Reid has come into my life. I had the opportunity to learn about her work with animals - particularly cats - and Reiki. When I learned my beloved 16-1/2 year old cat, Tonki, had a rapidly advancing kidney disease, Karen was invaluable. As his condition worsened, she would offer Reiki - not for his healing - but that he would cross the Rainbow Bridge unafraid. This I believe, she did. I have had pets all my married life (60 years) but NEVER had the privilege of being with a beloved pet when he/she crossed over. I feel Karen made this possible and I am deeply grateful for that. I would encourage all with pet problems to consult with her. I feel we are extremely fortunate to have someone as conscientious as Karen helping us and our beloved pets."


Reiki for Cat's Passing

"Karen Reid and her extraordinary Reiki ability has been very instrumental in helping us with our new cat, Smokey. It was through her that we were able to find just the cat we were looking for. When we first adopted Smokey, Karen came to our home to give him Reiki. He had been fostered for a few months with a fairly large number of cats and we were bringing him into a house with no cats. We felt that Karen was helpful in getting him "settled in". We knew when we adopted Smokey that he had a grade 2 heart murmur. When we took him to our own vet to have him checked, our vet told us that his heart murmur was reduced to a grade 1. I credit Karen and her Reiki for this reduction in his heart ailment. I feel that Karen has a very special affininty for cats. I have contracted her to come to our home on a monthly basis to give Smokey Reiki. I feel in this way we can ward off any potential problems. Smokey loves getting Reiki from Karen, and I believe, looks forward to seeing her - as do we."


Reiki for Cat's New Situation & Heart Murmur

"From the time I got Allie (a lovely Siamese) from Feline Friends, she has always been elusive. She hid for a while after she got to my house, which did not surprise me, but she never warmed up to me unless I was lying down. I?m not sure what her past was but her interaction with me has been quite limited. My husband only comes home on the weekends and she completely evades him. At one point Allie was having litterbox issues which I felt would require me to return her. A former staff member suggested that I talk with Karen about her shyness. I was skeptical but agreed, feeling it could do no harm. Karen spent time sending reiki to Allie. I honestly don't know how this works but it did seem to make her more amenable to social interaction and she seems less fearful, letting me pat her from time to time. Sometimes she even comes when I call her. Thankfully her litterbox issues have resolved so I plan on keeping Allie and having a more friendly cat makes the whole situation more pleasant."


Reiki for Fearful Cat

"Our sweet gray tabby, Sadie, had what we thought was plugged anal glands. She was in great discomfort and could not rest. She kept dragging her bottom. At the veterinarian's the doctor said no, it was the membrane around the anus that was swollen. He wanted to wait a few days to examine her again under sedation. As soon as Karen started Reiki treatments, Sadie began to be more comfortable and each day was feeling better. After about three days of treatment the swelling was gone. Thank you Karen, Sadie was saved the trauma of a stay at the clinic and we were saved the expense!"


Reiki for Cat's Discomfort

"Reiki has helped my four cats in more ways than I could have imagined. At first I was skeptical, but even after the first treatment I could see improvement in their moods and behavior. Reiki has helped calm the nerves of one of my most skittish cats. The treatments helped calm his fear of people and car rides. The Reiki treatments also have helped create harmony in my house after the addition of a new kitten. The positive vibes have allowed for acceptance and tolerance within weeks!"


Reiki for Fearful Cat and Multi-Cat Harmony

"When I had first heard about Animal Reiki I put my skeptic hat on... but then I figured, what do I have to lose. My precious little Yorkie is 14 years old and struggling. I didn't tell Karen anything about the dogs. From the first treatment, Karen picked up that Angel had cataracts. Angel has had a number of treatments so far and I have noticed that the white in her eyes is less cloudy, she is now able to get up the stairs which she had stopped doing, and even my husband has noticed she has a spark back in her step. She is playing again, isn't sleeping all the time and her little bark is stronger. I am thankful that Karen has found her gift to work with animals and thankful that I stepped out of my box."


Reiki for Senior Dog

"After receiving whiplash in an auto accident, I had great discomfort in the left side of my neck. This continued for several months, particularly when aggravated by certain activities. After a few Reiki treatments from Karen, the pain and lingering aftermath of discomfort was gone. I still feel a pull on that side of my neck when engaged in some activities that put a particular strain in that area, but as soon as I stop the activity there is no aftermath of discomfort. Thanks to the power of Reiki and Karen's administration of it."


Reiki for Neck Pain

"Karen gave my 4 month old kitten Reiki the day before, the day of and the day after her spay operation. Reiki vastly reduced the healing time and allowed for pain management without medication. As soon as my Calliope was home from the vet she had a session and slept for several hours. She woke up and was ready to play only hours after surgery! I can't thank Karen enough for being there for both of us!"


Reiki for Cat's Spay Surgery